Monday, April 20, 2009

DynamicDP Gone Wild!

I am glad to publish some statistics of my blogs visits and download counts of this week...

Last 10 days Visits counts: 878
Last 10 days downloads so far: 375

Last week Activity:

• Roger Douglas contributed to the script which will be integrated after some more testing.
• DynamicDOM is almost completed and, it is under testing, will release in this week as soon as I complete its user notes.

Below images is showing all users from enterprise who have downloaded and using DynamicDP to there projects...


  1. Manish,

    I've read the readme and I am sorry to say that I'm confused. don't know where to start. Can you show me/ tell me how to run say the dynamicdom google example using dynamic dp?

  2. please let me know in which part you are facing trouble, you can email me...


  3. I would like to use the dynamic dom google test as an example and how to set it up with existing scripts. I dont understand the instructions in the blog
    do I just run this as a test in qtp?