Tuesday, June 30, 2009

What Is New With DynamicDOM 2.0

While working with initial version on DynamicDOM, I was thinking that this Framework should work completely independent to achieve its objective to provide Easy, Simple though reliable automation framework which should have ability to work with pure VBScript.

As we all know that DynamicDOM 1.0 was purely Dom based Framework and DOM is a native API of Web Browser reason DOM does not support window objects and dialog box, though many times I faced questions from DynamicDOM users, about how to handle JavaScript and VBScript’s dialog box alert/confirm/prompt/MsgBox/InputBox.

I used to tell them in that case you need to use this framework with QTP/ Rational/ AutoIT or other similar platform, which support this functionality and you can utilize DOM’s control identification Mechanism.

But those questions made me think twice, if I can add dialog handling functionality in our DynamicDOM, it will make life really easy.

To run most of the OpenSource WebTesting application, require huge frameworks which all are needs to be installed first like JAVA, RUBY and some Require PYTHON. At the same time DynamicDOM does not require any third party assembly, code, compiler or application to work for WebTesting in windows with dot net framework.

DynamicDOM 2.0 can efficiently handle all types of dialog box while working with web application.

DynamicDOM 2.0 is completely new, now DynamicDOM can do a lot more for you

Features 2.0:

  • · Added Direct JS execution Method (for JavaScript testing)
  • · Synchronies Functions Wait(Seconds) and Object Sync Methods
  • · Added extended dialog handling support (mydialog.Click, mydialog.GetText)
  • · DynamicDOM 2.0 can now Work with multiple browsers simultaneously (CreateBrowse, GetBrowser)
  • · Browser State handling support (minimize , maximize, restore)
  • · Close single browser, close all browser
  • · Return type Enhancement ArrayString to Array, now DynamicDOM directly return data in array.

Features 1.0:

  • · DynamicDOM is a win32 COM, so its support many windows based programming languages. VBscript, Visual Basic 6, visual C++, C#,J#, VB.net and many more
  • · It Works with Open source language such as Ruby as a win32ole object, python, and many others.
  • · It has no UI, and can be used by developers for there web automation tool development.
  • · It is free for commercial use (Please read license teams)
  • · DynamicDOM is the most compelling alternative [to Fit] for filling the automated acceptance testing need.


  1. Hi manish,

    Please specify as to where i can get the license terms for Dynamic DOM.


  2. Hello Manish,

    I like what you have done with Dynamic DOM, pretty neat and exciting stuff. Thanks for making it awailable for the testing world. I have a small request, would you be able to share with me the simple VB6 function tht would return any web element given the element ID on any open existing web page.